Virtual Classroom


We work with a client that serves a non-profit organisation (NPO). This NPO aims to improve education in underprivileged communities in South Africa, specifically in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This was previously achieved through supplementary lessons – in mathematics and physical science – taught by teachers at physical locations around the country. 


The problem

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, hard lockdown restrictions disrupted academic learning on an unprecedented scale, taking a toll on matriculants preparing for their final exams. Learners could no longer attend these helpful and necessary supplementary lessons in person. Load shedding and internet connectivity in informal settlements and rural areas also presented a major barrier to any possible digital solution. 


The solution

BigBlueButton is proven to be a robust and effective virtual alternative to traditional face-to-face teaching. This solution was deployed in a highly scalable configuration, supporting up to 3000 concurrent users. We integrated this platform with the Moodle learning platform, providing teachers with the tools they needed to effectively conduct their lessons online, as well as provide additional support to learners, with an option to communicate with tutors outside of scheduled teaching sessions.
We also set up a reverse billing arrangement (with all major mobile service providers) for both Moodle and BigBlueButton. This allowed learners to access both platforms without needing data. All virtual session are recorded and available on Moodle, so that learners don’t miss out due to load shedding or connectivity challenges.